Riaan Relihan

Designer / Layout / Print

Welcome to my About on our NovelVite Website

Design is passion… or at least that is what it’s supposed to be!

If a designer is not passionate about what he or she does, it is impossible to deliver an end product which successfully communicates the core values and message of the client’s brand. I am passionate about what I do.

Hi, my name is Riaan Relihan and I am a person well versed in the art of graphic designer since 1993.

What sets me apart?

A firm belief that good design does not necessarily mean complicated, involved or over the top – good design is the ability to capture the essence of the service and / or product, to create a unified brand image that communicates with everyone interacting with it, from the cleaner to the wealthiest consumer… creating a feeling of oneness.

When developing a brand, or any other visual application thereof, I always aspire to build as much symbolism or brand persona into the final artwork, thus enabling communication on various levels.

Deadline driven and results orientated are two of my core values.

Building a long term relationship with my clients is very important. This enables me to grow with the brand, get to know it intimately and give the best possible service to my ability.