Are there people looking for you online? But you are nowhere to be found.

Number one, then you need a web presence. As Technology improves, the world shrinks. Customers have more choices than ever. They are now starting to search for products on the internet and not the telephone book. If you have a product or service for sale or if you have information you’d like to share. How do you stand out? In fact how do you even get noticed.

If your competition is online and you are not. Then you might as well be selling out of a covered wagon. To get online you will need the following:

  1.  You will need an internet connection
  2.  You will need a name for your website (Domain name)
  3.  You will need to get a house for your website (Hosting)
  4.  You will need a way for people to find your website (Search Engine optimization)
  5.  You will need content for you website
  6.  You will need a coder to convert the content into code for the, server (hosting) to read your website in

For example:

Steve’s Chairs, makes and cells chairs that are made from rare wood, but nobody has heard of them. If they get online,, the whole world can see what they sell.

Now the web address is part of their letter head, logo and signage. This tells people what to type when they want to find them online. You will need to get a domain name registrar to get a domain name. They’ll manage the registration. Now you will need a place to hold the files for your website. This is called website hosting. See it as renting a flat for your site. You can use a dedicated computer at your house, or get a registered  Hosting company. If you use a hosting company with secure servers and a good reputation of reliability, you’ll be protected from power outages, theft and a host of other things. You will then need a professional email address, you can use a free email service, but it will look more professional if you use a domain email address (  Now you will need  content for your site, services you provide, charts and whatever else you want clients to see about your product or service. Then you will need to get the content Search Engine Optimized, this will get your site ranking on search engines, for potential clients to get your site when it is up and running.

Some companies provide all of these together with support. Once all off this has been done, is online and is now connected to a World wide web.

NovelVite provides all these servives, contact us at or visit our contact page.

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